#PlasticFreeJuly -day 4

For #plasticfreejuly day four (a bit belated due to the holiday!) I bring you the #trashbag dilemma.

If trash isn’t bagged in the bin it runs the risk of spilling out everywhere and becoming #accidentallitter. But, trash bags are made of plastic which is bad in of itself. They are made out of a material that lasts forever and are simply thrown away. So, I’ve been buying these bags made of recycled plastic. But that was when my focus was on #zerowaste. This month we’re focusing not on less waste, but less plastic.

The plastic seals up your trash, giving it less of a chance of biodegrading. It’s all around a big plastic bummer. So for this month we are trying out paper bags. I skipped bringing my own bags to the grocery stores that offer paper bags and saved those to bag our trash (so the super best part is that they’re free!). They are smaller, but that’s ok because we don’t produce that much trash, and I don’t mind emptying it more often.  We compost our food scraps, so there’s no need for a leak free bin liner, but some layers of newspaper might help if you’re concerned with that. It’s been working great so far. I feel like this is a change we will stick with. Yay for stepping out of my comfort zone, yay for this challenge!