Paige Lorrabeth’s Pie of the Month Club

pieAs I mentioned yesterday, it’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to bake a different pie each month in 2014.  Below you’ll find a tentative list of each month’s pie.  Each month I will post the recipe in advance along with the date that I will be making the pie. This way, you can play too! If you’d like to bake along with me, just hop on to twitter and live tweet your baking experience too!  We’ll use the hashtag: #piealong since it’s a pie bake-along of sorts. If you’re having trouble with your pie or want to show it off we’ll all be there to help, or ooh and ah, or both! Follow @lorrabethblog on twitter right now so you don’t miss any pie-related details, and stay tuned on the blog for January’s date and recipe!
PS: I’ll be making all of my pies gluten free, but it will be easy to make them glutenous too so don’t hold back because of that!
PPS: It will be my first time making some of these pies too, so don’t be intimidated – we’re all in the same boat … or pie pan, oh you know what I mean.

The 12 Pies:

January: Chocolate Cream Pie

February: Cherry Pie

March: Lemon Chess Pie

April: Fresh Strawberry Pie

May: Key Lime Pie

June: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

July: Fresh Berry Tart

August: Blackberry Pie

September: Apple Pie

October: Coconut Cream Pie

November: Pumpkin Pie

December: Mini Mincemeat Pies